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#FutureBook17: liveblog

Missed out on #FutureBook17 or just want to relive the day? Take a look at our blog of the day's happenings. Read more

Using your ed: Kate Worlock on EdTech startups

Kate Worlock explains how publishers should approach the challenges and opportunities presented by the rise of edtech startups. Benedicte Page reports. Read more

Five (plus one) of the freshest publishing design projects

What does exciting design look like in publishing today? The Bookseller's creative editor Danny Arter highlights his favourite projects from the past year. Read more

You're the boss

That corner office If you were the one running the show—the brass, the suit, top dog and big cheese—what orders would you be issuing to... Read more

What the tools of the trade tell us: Emma Barnes

"These are things all professional writers should be paying attention to," writes Emma Barnes in the address she made at our inaugural Author Day ... Read more

Your 2015 high points

Let's do the time warp again Then Amazon switched to per-page payouts on KDP Select. Right? And then Amazon changed it to different per-page rates... Read more

At #FutureBook15: New prominence for academic publishing

In "considering the hard-won lessons of the academic publishing journey," our FutureBook 2015 programme this month was organised by Bookseller editor Philip Jones to place... Read more

Does writing matter in a 'not book'?

'Writing created for a digital space' Late in her review of The Pickle Index for The FutureBook , Ami Greko tells us that Eli Horowitz... Read more

The #FutureBook15 #BookTech Showcase: A 'richness of ideas'

"Pretty great, right?" You have to forgive us for our pride in this year's inaugural BookTech Showcase and FutureBook Award . When your Gold Award... Read more

'Our main responsibility is to our authors'

Telling us of "a ruthless focus on the journey from writing author to engaged reader," September Publishing founder Hannah MacDonald addressed the FutureBook 2015 Conference... Read more

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