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The BookTech competition - calling for startups who are hacking publishing

The annual Futurebook BookTech competition is looking for startups and new companies who are doing something new and exciting in publishing. Read more

The FutureBook Awards: a brief history of innovation

The winners of this year’s FutureBook Awards will be the eighth since the first ceremony, back in March 2011. What can their history tell us... Read more

BookTech Company of the Year 2017: Introducing the final 6

There’s one word that links all the BookTech Company of the Year 2017 finalists, and it’s not technology. It’s reading. Read more

Diversity triumphs in the FutureBook 2017 Awards shortlists

The entries are in, the votes have been counted, and the judges have agreed the shortlists for the 2017 FutureBook Awards. Read more

What’s holding you back from entering the FutureBook awards?

The FutureBook awards celebrate the best, most exciting and innovative people, projects and companies in publishing. So why haven’t you entered yet? Here’s six excuses... Read more

Don't delegate the future: introducing #FutureBook17

I recently gave a talk on publishing trends to a room full of book people from some of our best-known presses and imprints. As an... Read more

How to win at publishing now: 10 tips from the FutureBook Awards

What skills and behaviours do you need to become a leading light in the publishing industry? Bec Evans interviews this year's FutureBook Award winners to... Read more

What the FutureBook Awards tell us about publishing

Publishing is more sinned against than sinning. You won’t find it hard to find someone somewhere having a pop at the business of books, pointing... Read more

Publisher, entrepreneur, angel: BookTech's 2015 judges

Noting our extended deadline for FutureBook 2015 Innovation Awards (to Friday, 2nd October) , we're glad to have Molly Flatt, our BookTech Showcase director, here... Read more

FutureBook 2015: Travelling further together

FutureBook 2015 will be spectacular. Trust me. From digital achievers to book tech, the emphasis this year has been all about what is working, and... Read more

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