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'Our main responsibility is to our authors'

Telling us of "a ruthless focus on the journey from writing author to engaged reader," September Publishing founder Hannah MacDonald addressed the FutureBook 2015 Conference... Read more

A message to FutureBook from Author Day

To work together, not as antagonists The Bookseller’s Author Day conference opened this year’s FutureBook Week on Monday (30th November). It was the inaugural staging... Read more

Looking for trust: Author Day to FutureBook 2015

#FutureBook15 update: Join us at 12:10 p.m. Friday at The FutureBook 2015 Conference for a panel on Author-Centric Publishing for commentary on messages from our... Read more

FutureBook 2015: Judith Curr and 'Crave'

Update: Following our story here (29th November), Simon & Schuster and Atria Books have officially announced (30 November) the launch of the Crave app (iOS... Read more

FutureBook's chairs, warming up with questions

Conference updates : Today, we're closing bookings for FutureBook 2015 , hurry to get one of the remaining seats at Mermaid London for the event,... Read more

'Magnificent manifestos' on the way to FutureBook 2015

'This chance for change' At our FutureBook 2015 Conference on the 4th of December, we will hear from two writers of our manifestos on the... Read more

Is this the triumph of print?

'Digital is now as big a part of this industry as print' There is a belief (and relief) now among some booksellers that the ebook... Read more

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