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A manifesto for container free content

"A fundamental question is being overlooked in this search for the optimal publishing strategy," writes Ryan Morrison . During the run-up to FutureBook 2015 ,... Read more

A manifesto for digital freedom in storytelling

"Digital publishing and the innovative energy inherent in technology empower us to rethink story and storytelling," writes the author Carol Buchanan . Based in the... Read more

A manifesto for readers

"Talk of reader engagement shows how out of touch our industry is with its lifeblood." And as the proliferation of content outstrips the growth of... Read more

Your 2015 high points

Let's do the time warp again Then Amazon switched to per-page payouts on KDP Select. Right? And then Amazon changed it to different per-page rates... Read more

Book tech: Time to step up

"I’m calling for more women to start up and step up next year." Bec Evans, co-founder with Chris Smith of Write-Track and head of innovation... Read more

Does writing matter in a 'not book'?

'Writing created for a digital space' Late in her review of The Pickle Index for The FutureBook , Ami Greko tells us that Eli Horowitz... Read more

The #FutureBook15 #BookTech Showcase: A 'richness of ideas'

"Pretty great, right?" You have to forgive us for our pride in this year's inaugural BookTech Showcase and FutureBook Award . When your Gold Award... Read more

BitLit adds Springer to bundling publisher-partners

Springer has become the latest publisher to offer ebook bundles to readers through Vancouver's BitLit. In an announcement made today (7th December), BitLit personnel tell... Read more

BookTech Award Showcase: Write-Track

“Running a startup is much like writing,” Write-Track's Chris Smith says to Molly Flatt. In her final article of eight profiling our new FutureBook 2015... Read more

Not a manifesto: On 'a complicated relationship'

"What if cozy, fuzzy old traditional publishing has got it right?" writes Unbound's Jason Cooper . And as our FutureBook 2015 Conference approaches—surrounded by our... Read more

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