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What divides us?

Of "trade" and "the Trade" Today we're making the "programme reveal" for the inaugural FutureBook Author Day conference , which is set for Monday, 30th... Read more

At Frankfurt: Can books find true fans?

Fanning the flames When asking Pan Macmillan's Naomi Bacon to join us at Frankfurt Book Fair's Business Club for a discussion of "hardcore fandom" and... Read more

HarperCollins' 'bridge into the books' behind 'Game of Thrones'

Game of Thrones viewers? "We discovered that this particular group of TV fans were unaware of how much they had to look forward to from... Read more

At Frankfurt: AmazonCrossing's new $10 million translation bid

Meet Sarah Jane Gunter today, Wednesday, 3 p.m. Frankfurt Book Fair In a move that answers a constant question both from independent authors and from... Read more

New Trajectory partnerships include PanMac UK ebook distribution to China

'A relationship with new English language readers' As the 22nd Beijing International Book Fair convenes , Boston-based Trajectory has announced a suite of new partnerships,... Read more

Matthias Matting: Surveying Germany's digital indie scene

Long understood as forming a third and growing market in self-publishing, German-language indie authors again will find programming at Frankfurt Book Fair in October, and... Read more

Wolfgang Fuchs: What publishing might learn from gaming and DRM

For a second time, the Frankfurt Book Fair and Gamescom have invited representatives of book publishing to Cologne to see what is billed as the... Read more

Global dreams, local challenges: BEA to open amid transition

Amazon's shadow, BookCon's boost, IDPF's confab, Chinese Trajectory, scalding-hot Scalzi: Must be BEA Just in time to chill the rising heat of late-May New York:... Read more

'To get rid of digital': At London Book Fair, talking Frankfurt Book Fair

Conferences: Ditching 'digital' as a special theme We have decided to get rid of digital this year in Frankfurt because there's no need for a... Read more

Philippa Donovan on Frankfurt: 'The languages of digital and editorial'

Normally, I must confess, I find the digital aspects of book fairs overwhelming. Huge areas dedicated to the newest reader or tablet, gleaming white benches... Read more

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