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5 things inspiring Bonnier Publishing c.e.o. Richard Johnson right now

Richard Johnson has led the transformation of Bonnier Publishing for the last seven years, growing revenue from £45m to £128m. He joined the company with... Read more

Data and disruption in publishing: knowing your nodes

On December 1st I'll be hosting a panel at the Futurebook conference in London on the subject of using data to 'capture and keep readers.'... Read more

Key digital trends for 2016: did we get them right?

In his keynote at the FutureBook conference, James Whatley will present key digital trends for 2017. Here, he looks back at the predictions he made... Read more

Can digital community support writing, really?

Not unlike climate change, it's something that digital-age writers worry about, but can't nail down. I'm not sure what effect the accepting warmth of digital... Read more

eBook streaming on Pinterest. A new service for book lovers just launched by RCS Libri in Italy.

With the rise of Social Media, publishers, authors, journalists and bloggers are jumping on the bandwagon of Facebook and Twitter. If we were to use... Read more

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Of Fake Reviews and Fake Followers

[Crossposted with my blog at nickharkaway.com - it's a bit long and sprawling for here and I was only going to wallop you with a... Read more

What's Wrong With Being Sexy?

'We've become victims of our ever-increasing capacity to store, organise, instantly access, and share vast amounts of cultural data.' Simon Reynolds, Retromania ‘I’m bringing sexy... Read more

Social Commerce and Multi-Channel Publishing

Over the past couple of months I have had numerous casual conversations with publishing people about Social Commerce and the impact it will have on... Read more

Facebook isn't the content industry's saviour

There is always the temptation to cast the biggest player embroiled in an event as the lead player, as the one in charge, in control... Read more

Fac-ebook enters the fray

Kobo’s recent announcement that they are going to roll out their social reading platform Pulse to enable FaceBook users to share and discover books brings... Read more

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