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Creative industries and the division of labour: Emma Barnes

"There is a neat parallel between the best way to design a systems landscape, and the best way to design a network of people." All... Read more

What the tools of the trade tell us: Emma Barnes

"These are things all professional writers should be paying attention to," writes Emma Barnes in the address she made at our inaugural Author Day ... Read more

Barnes, Horne to present manifestos at FutureBook 2015

Have we manifested your concern? We're delighted today to announce that the #FutureBook15 manifestos chosen for presentation at The FutureBook 2015 Conference on the 4th... Read more

Publishing's grails and our unholy searches: Emma Barnes

'Tis but a scratch, of course. Still, writes Bibliolcloud and Snowbooks ' Emma Barnes , certain problems in publishing begin to appear Grail-shaped to us... Read more

A manifesto for skills

"I want to work in a flourishing industry known for its competence, kindness, innovation and creativity." In one of the clearest iterations yet of her... Read more


"I find writing excruciatingly difficult." Well, you wouldn't guess it from the prompt deliveries of smart articles delivered to me by our regular contributor Emma... Read more

Emma Barnes: Menial publishing jobs are destroying our future

"Why are we still getting humans to do the work of computers?" Regular FutureBook contributor Emma Barnes of Bibliocloud and Snowbooks sees paperclip-and-pencil jobs in... Read more

Emma Barnes: A company of one's own

"For too long," writes FutureBook contributor Emma Barnes, "previous employers tried to get me to become someone that Iā€™m not. Life is a lot more... Read more

Emma Barnes: Sell more books?

The effort to expand an independent publisher's business has to be one of the trickiest endeavours out there. As Emma Barnes , one of The... Read more

Emma Barnes at London Book Fair: Sometimes, size matters

Editor's Note: Bibliocloud's Emma Barnes , a regular FutureBook contributor, spoke Monday in the London Book Fair-opening conference, Publishing for Digital Minds. In joining the... Read more

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