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Don’t rage against the machine! How scholarly publishers can embrace AI

Recent predictions claim that AI will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. From self-driving cars, personal assistants and chatbots taking on roles... Read more

"It has been a significant learning curve": Cambridge University Press on its new AR catalogue

This month, teachers, booksellers and institutions around the world got a bit of a suprise when they received their 2019 ELT (English Language Teaching) catalogue... Read more

Finally, academic publishing is catching up with the future

Santa hasn’t even come down the chimney yet but the talk in academic publishing definitely has a feel of 1 Jan about it - everyone... Read more

New podcast Story Shed aims to give bedtime stories a boost

Created by a primary school teacher and father of three, this new podcast hopes to make bedtime stories a habit again - for everyone. Read more

Taylor & Francis is bringing AI to academic publishing - but it isn't easy

Introducing new tech into an established publisher can be tough, so Taylor & Francis have teamed up with a smart AI-focused Danish startup. Read more

iRead recruits a super-team of European experts to redesign how kids learn to read

Read brings together some heavyweight European academics and educators to shake up literacy with a new generation of apps. Read more

Paul Butcher of English Language iTutoring on harnessing the power of AI

Paul Butcher discusses that most fashionable of acronyms, AI - and how his Cambridge-based team are actually turning it into a useful tool for language... Read more

Prof Rose Luckin on why measuring the impact of edtech matters (and how to do it right)

Professor Rose Luckin of the UCL Institute of Education has been working on learning science, education technology and artificial intelligence in education for over 20... Read more

GryffinDocs' time-travelling touchscreen tales aim to turn teens onto history

Teens are turning off history, but this international startup is hoping to ignite their passion using the dual power of storytelling and tech. Read more

Curiscope's Ed Barton on the 'magical' potential of AR

AR and VR are big buzzwords in publishing at the moment. In some areas they seem destined to remain just that - buzzwords. But in... Read more

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