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We need to build better e-books

At the FutureBook Live conference on November 30th, Nick Barreto, Canelo’s technology director, will be running a one-hour workshop exploring his unique digital-first approach to... Read more

Buk lets authors and readers enhance e-books with deep hyperlinks

History books with Wikipedia built in? Instant social media sharing of quotes? Korean startup Buk.io is betting big on deep hyperlinks Read more

Readwise makes your e-book highlights and notes work harder

The founders of new Silicon Valley startup, Readwise, want help non-fiction e-book readers "read better, read more, and forget less". Read more

CINE-BOOKS aims to unite authors and filmmakers with a new three-in-one format

With audio and mini-films bundled in, CINE-BOOKS hopes to take digtial books to the next level. Read more

Bring on the browser books

I'd like to start this month's editor's musings with a personal rising-from-the-ashes anecdote. One of the other jobs I juggle alongside my role at FutureBook... Read more

Is the e-book a dead format?

Ten years after the first Kindle was released, and with sales declining, Simon Rowberry examines the future of the e-book. Read more

How innovative do students want their books?

Kingston Uni and The Pigeonhole collaborated on a physical/digital reading project for new students. Here's what they discovered. Read more

Fast-growing PublishDrive takes on "unreliable, non-transparent" ebook market

Two years in, and Budapest-based ebook publishing platform PublishDrive is becoming a contender with marketing tools, audiobooks and "earn as you sell". Read more

Can Custos use Bitcoins to sink ebook piracy?

Move over DRM and watermarking: if this startup has its way, your ebooks could soon be protected by Bitcoin bounty hunters. Read more

The digital model that treats books like magazines

The digital revolution has been something of an asteroid for the whole publishing industry, but it has presented particularly gnarly challenges to libraries, colleges and... Read more

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