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Bookchoice hopes careful curation will unlock digital book subscription success

Bookchoice wants "people to click on books for entertainment just as automatically as they’d click on a game." Will its monthly subscription service do the... Read more

Diving for pearls: is it all over for bookflix?

It is a measure of how strange the e-book market is that in death Oyster may create more ripples in the digital market than it... Read more

#FutureChat recap: All-you-can-guess about ebook subscriptions

Join The Bookseller's FutureBook digital community on Fridays for #FutureChat at 4 p.m. London (BST), 5 p.m. Rome (CEST), 11 a.m. New York (ET), 10... Read more

Nathan Hull: Ebook subscription data is 'incredibly rich'

Editor's Note: Nathan Hull's move in December from his role as digital director with Penguin Random House to chief business development director with Denmark's Mofibo... Read more

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