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'Data-light' in the deep field with Worldreader

"What if the most disruptive thing ebooks ever do is make books truly ubiquitous?" asks Worldreader's Danielle Zacarias in her article for us today. Worldreader's... Read more

Enthrill's pivotal Christmas: Gifting ebooks in stores

'The model now resembles the iTunes offering' Enthrill lies very near the Santa Zone. The forecast for Calgary calls for a low tonight of -16C... Read more

Is it now the time for something completely different?

Is it me, or you? This morning, The Bookseller reported that Waterstones was taking Kindle devices off most of its shelves due to “pitiful” sales... Read more

A manifesto for the future of the book

How easy it is to keep replicating the same old same old. Want to stop replicating print in digital? "Lock your marketing department away for... Read more

Handing digital publishing another option: Booktrack's Paul Cameron

'Today, we have 2.5 million users' Five years in — and with a new $5 million round of Series B financing in place — the... Read more

Are book prices behind the times?: A #FutureChat recap

Not that it's a new topic. "Half of all book buyers expect to pay less for ebooks," The Bookseller reported in March 2011. And as... Read more

Nathan Hull: A misinformed maelstrom

"Digital reading as a genuine competitor to TV, film, gaming and music" will sound good to just about anyone in publishing. And Mofibo chief business... Read more

The Bloomsbury way

Bloomsbury Publishing’s full-year results, published today , show how different bits of the publishing market are transitioning to digital at different rates, and with differing... Read more

Protests of Amazon on parallel tracks

Join us each Friday for a #FutureChat session with The Bookseller’s FutureBook community. We’ll be live on Twitter, at 4 p.m. London time, 11 a.m. Read more

Rizzoli and Amazon launch BigJump, a Literary Award for unpublished Novels in Italy

Rizzoli, Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and the Italian startup 20lines launched BigJump, the first literary contest devoted to thrillers, romance and historical novels where... Read more

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