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The bestselling books of 2014

Last week The Bookseller published its annual ranking of the bestselling titles of the year, combining publisher supplied e-book volume numbers with their respective Nielsen... Read more

Dutch e-book market finally accelerating

E-book sales in The Netherlands passed the 600,000 mark over the first half of 2012, with close to 16,000 available titles. E-book revenue constitutes 3%... Read more

E-book lending in The Netherlands

This week, the news came out that libraries and publishers have agreed to disagree on e-book lending. This will finally clear the way for a... Read more

As the Kindle summer draws to an end, let’s start looking forward to an Argos Christmas.

On Friday, The Bookseller reported that Argos is planning to sell e-books and expand its print book offering. And noted, ‘The retailer said it would... Read more

The difference between the US and EU digital markets – the need for a new approach

The 4th Editech Conference in Milan, held on June 9th, was mostly about the fragmented nature of the European digital market. That was not unexpected... Read more

E-book bestseller chart with prices 4th May 2011

Philip Stone, charts expert: Michel Faber's The Crimson Petal and the White tops this week's e-book charts thanks to its recent four-part TV adaptation hitting... Read more

E-book bestseller chart with prices: 14th March 2011

Charts expert Philip Stone: The first book in Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, returns to the summit of The Bookseller's... Read more

E-book bestseller charts with prices: 22nd Feb 2011

Philip Stone, charts editor : It's "as you were" at the sharp end of this week's e-bestseller list with numbers one-thru-four all holding position week-on-week... Read more

E-book bestseller chart with prices: 1st Feb 2011

Here is today's e-bestseller list with prices from major e-tailers. Prices supplied by Luzme.com (formerly ebookprice.info). The FutureBook e-bestseller list is compiled by The Bookseller's... Read more

Why there's no EU Kindle: the view from a European suburb

At least at first sight, there are three reasons why the development of e-book markets is much slower in continental Europe than in the USA... Read more

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