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Enhanced ebooks and steel filing cabinets: A #FutureChat recap

Funny how #FutureChat can change your mind. Camille LaGuire, whose beret-ed avatar is familiar to many of us in our weekly discussion from The Bookseller... Read more

Enhanced ebooks: 'Is That All There Is?'

"Perhaps we are already discovering that this new world is a touch more fertile" for enhanced ebooks than we thought. Or is this wishful thinking... Read more

Douglas McCabe: Books and the second disruptive wave

It's holiday for some in the beachy reaches of summertime, but Enders Analysis' new take on the UK consumer book market puts chilling stress on... Read more

Are book prices behind the times?: A #FutureChat recap

Not that it's a new topic. "Half of all book buyers expect to pay less for ebooks," The Bookseller reported in March 2011. And as... Read more

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