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Don't underestimate your readers when it comes to recommendations

It's all too tempting to follow the 'more like this' model of discoverability - but diversity leads to more satisfied readers and more cherished publishers,... Read more

How to escape personalised algorithms and read more widely

Natalia Kucirkova argues that we need to change the logic behind personalised reading to ensure that we read what we want to read - not... Read more

It's time for publishers to get serious about metadata

Last month Pan Macmillan appointed its first dedicated metadata manager. Here she explains why metadata should be high on every publisher's agenda - and her... Read more

How big data won BookTech

"What they do may not be the most glamorous digital service, but it is one that is much needed." Meet Kadaxis, winner of the 2016... Read more

Startup of the week: Litsy

The entrepreneurs behind literary clothing company Out of Print think their addictive new app for book lovers is "the next best way to talk about... Read more

Startup of the week: Intellogo

Tech and publishing veteran Neil Balthaser is harnessing machine learning in his mission to exploit the rich data hidden inside billions of books. Read more

Jim Hinks: Reader analytics as a self-editing tool

"I expect that many writers will find this unnerving...." Comma Press' Jim Hinks' new platform is going to show everyone where people stopped reading those... Read more

Joanna Penn: Virtual reality and the future of publishing

Editor's Note: The concept of marketing in virtual reality (VR) can get a lot of Silicon Valley types out of bed each morning. It holds... Read more

Ebooks to and from China: Trajectory, Tencent, technology

At first glance, you may think that Trajectory is on a different trajectory. Today's news -- released first by The Bookseller this morning -- is,... Read more

Sarah Ann Juckes: 'One Big Launch' -- so happy together

Editor's Note: As much as we may value digital's gifts of connectivity and democratisation, the advent of digital publishing has also triggered a troubling rift... Read more

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