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How to get a job in digital publishing

No doubt you’ve heard many times about how competitive publishing is - and I’m not going to say otherwise. However, as someone ‘on the inside’... Read more

Why the UK's leading indie digital publisher is embracing print

Endeavor Press is the UK's leading independent digital publisher. So why, and how, are they branching out into print? Read more

The difference between a bestseller and a profitable book

There is perhaps no term in publishing more coveted and less understood than “best-selling.” Seeing this qualifier in front of an author’s name or a... Read more

Learning to code can transform your writing, not just your website

Learning to code has raised exciting questions about translation, transparency and literary values for writer Caroline Haurie. Read more

Fast-growing PublishDrive takes on "unreliable, non-transparent" ebook market

Two years in, and Budapest-based ebook publishing platform PublishDrive is becoming a contender with marketing tools, audiobooks and "earn as you sell". Read more

How to win at publishing now: 10 tips from the FutureBook Awards

What skills and behaviours do you need to become a leading light in the publishing industry? Bec Evans interviews this year's FutureBook Award winners to... Read more

Startup of the week: Blackbird

Meet the noisy little bird hoping to spread #authorpower across the UK. Read more

Digital-first Canelo opens a literary fiction survey

Simon Collinson is a man who loves surveys. When last we heard from him , he was working on a survey of small publishers' data... Read more

Creative industries and the division of labour: Emma Barnes

"There is a neat parallel between the best way to design a systems landscape, and the best way to design a network of people." All... Read more

'Magnificent manifestos' on the way to FutureBook 2015

'This chance for change' At our FutureBook 2015 Conference on the 4th of December, we will hear from two writers of our manifestos on the... Read more

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