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The big difference between the new and the real

Vikki Chowney, Chief Content Strategist at H+K London and keynote speaker at #FutureBook17, explores why content marketing must embrace the new - but only if... Read more

What I learned about digital this year: Q&A with Heather Fain, SVP Marketing Strategy, Hachette Book Group

Heather Fain’s just launched the new Hachette website. What have the learnings been, and what are her next set of challenges as she looks ahead... Read more

Fast-growing PublishDrive takes on "unreliable, non-transparent" ebook market

Two years in, and Budapest-based ebook publishing platform PublishDrive is becoming a contender with marketing tools, audiobooks and "earn as you sell". Read more

On international ebook sales: 'actionable insights'

"These publishers stand out for not allowing their ebook function to be a passive add-on to their print houses." Vearsa senior data analyst Anne Gaynor... Read more

A manifesto for editors

Today's manifesto comes from publishing veteran John Pettigrew, the founding c.e.o. of We Are Futureproofs . In sounding a rallying cry to "keep editors central... Read more

Illustrating a need for publishing reforms: A #FutureChat recap

Yes, she has to draw you a picture. Since our #FutureChat of Friday (15th May), we've had the news that illustrators Axel Scheffler , Chris... Read more

My Independent Bookshop: a new chapter in book recommendation

‘How many times in the last 10 years have you heard people moan that there is simply too much stuff around for them to read/listen... Read more

Co-Publishing: The Third Way between Traditional Publishing and Self-Publishing ?

INTRO Thanks to the digital revolution new opportunities have arisen for both the traditional publishing and the self-publishing industries. The two businesses so far have... Read more

Testing Libboo - an author's view

Being an indie writer can be a lonely existence. We see the mainstream authors populating bookshops and Amazon bestseller lists, often with enticing discounts to... Read more

5 Things Publishers Need To Know About Dark Social

(1) What is Dark Social? Dark Social? Sounds cool. What’s that then? Read more

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