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When is a book a future book? When it's an album, film, artwork, therapy session...

Launched last week, The Group Therapy Programme "stretches the imagination of what storytelling in a modern digital age can mean". Read more

On digital books that solve problems no-one has

In her latest editor’s letter Molly Flatt takes a look at A Universe Explodes , a project from Editions at Play. Read more

Handing digital publishing another option: Booktrack's Paul Cameron

'Today, we have 2.5 million users' Five years in — and with a new $5 million round of Series B financing in place — the... Read more

Global dreams, local challenges: BEA to open amid transition

Amazon's shadow, BookCon's boost, IDPF's confab, Chinese Trajectory, scalding-hot Scalzi: Must be BEA Just in time to chill the rising heat of late-May New York:... Read more

Alta Editions' cookbook innovation recipe

Just when you thought we had innovation on every corner ..."Cookbooks belong on line," Chris McBride tells us. "Not just on your shelf." Read more

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