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To digital or not to digital: which way will publishing jobs jump?

Last year, there was something of a kerfuffle when the communications agency adam&eveDBB dropped 'digital' from all its job titles . In the words of... Read more

My invisible career: how can we preserve our digital stories?

Do we now live in a world where ideas and mass creative production move too fast for any archive? Read more

The future is digital book discovery, not distracting gimmicks

Roger Warner thinks publishers should focus their digital innovation efforts on activities that support the core act of reading, not distracting tech. Read more

Digital in harmony with print: what news organisations can teach the book world

Danny Arter explores how the news business is attempting to adapt to the digital age - and what book publishers can learn. Read more

Why literary values are more important than ever in a digital age

At The Literary Consultancy's twentieth birthday celebrations, the question of whether writers, readers and publishers still possess a shared set of literary values - and... Read more

5 inspiring things: Bobby Thandi

As v.p. Digital at Dubit, Bobby Thandi develops strategies and oversees development of digital entertainment apps, VR, and games for kids. Read more

The digital model that treats books like magazines

The digital revolution has been something of an asteroid for the whole publishing industry, but it has presented particularly gnarly challenges to libraries, colleges and... Read more

Digital-first Canelo opens a literary fiction survey

Simon Collinson is a man who loves surveys. When last we heard from him , he was working on a survey of small publishers' data... Read more

'Public solitude': Writing, offline and on

Here be 'unprofessionals' "Writing offline" seems almost an odd phrase today. You'll find it—online—in Words Unwired , a commentary by Lorin Stein in the New... Read more

Author Earnings: Springtime for UK indie ebooks

Welcome to the UK, Author Earnings Unlike the US, where collective indie ebook earnings long ago surpassed that of all Big Five authors combined, in... Read more

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