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Digital in harmony with print: what news organisations can teach the book world

Danny Arter explores how the news business is attempting to adapt to the digital age - and what book publishers can learn. Read more

Five (plus one) of the freshest publishing design projects

What does exciting design look like in publishing today? The Bookseller's creative editor Danny Arter highlights his favourite projects from the past year. Read more

What traditional publishers can learn from design sprints

How can a method designed for solving problems faced by startups be applied to an established business? Read more

Responsive versus Adaptive Design

There are two key design approaches for the modern website. Both have pros and cons and a few considerations: Read more

The Ebook Design Features Grid

Introduction At Tools of Change – Frankfurt last week, I and Dan Rhatigan did a talk on design and typography in e-reading . Read more

Publishing to a Global Market

Sophie O'Rourke of studio eMC Design has kindly written a guest blog for us: In a recent FutureBook blog post, which highlighted the ever changing... Read more

Website review: Angry Robot Books

Book reviewer Amanda Rutter has kindly provided our first website review: When I read Sam’s article concerning the general weakness of publisher website s, I... Read more

Anatomy of a design car-crash, or, why authors still need publishers

Much has been made of the ongoing ding-dong between publishers and agents over certain agents' decisions to publish their clients work directly in electronic form... Read more

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How big is a thumbnail?

Briefly - See here? FutureBook's ebook sales chart . Three things leap out at me: Read more

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