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Don't tear down the temple: Dave Morris

"Brand integrity matters. But that’s not a message that’s coming across loud and clear these days when the brand in question is prose fiction and... Read more

Art ain't hard: Dave Morris

"All experimental literature comes from a sense of exhilaration and...a striving to connect," our regular contributor Dave Morris tells us here. My Bookseller colleague Sophia... Read more

It’s murder, but is it art?

Our regular contributor Dave Morris' timing is always game-on: Faber and Touchpress have just released their long-planned app edition (for iOS) of Iain Pears' Arcadia... Read more

Dave Morris: What's gaming's secret sauce?

"How do we make people want to read?" asks FutureBook contributor Dave Morris in this essay on the question so many of us keep asking... Read more

Dave Morris: To Ragnarok and no further

Editor's Note: As with so many devices and approaches tied to marketing, the expectation of serials can begin quickly to feel like the "logic" of... Read more

Contributors and conferences: The sun never sets on The FutureBook

You see conferences -- conferencing -- in many ways now. In many places. Or in no places. Such is digital publishing. Such is digital everything... Read more

Dave Morris: Ebooks – return of the pulps?

Editor's Note: Device or price? Dave Morris was struck by the point his fellow author Fay Weldon made recently in an interview, about reading in... Read more

Dave Morris: Not so much cockpit as pulpit

Editor's Note: "I’d better not go under a bus, put it that way," writes Dave Morris. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles author and Fabled Lands... Read more

#FutureChat recap: Agents of change

Coming Friday 20 February in #FutureChat: benefits and challenges of the publishing workforce's gender profile. Join us each Friday for our live #FutureChat with The... Read more

'Are there too many literary agencies?'

The question with which I've headlined this post comes from literary agent Jonny Geller . More: I believe that the lack of changes in our... Read more

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