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On the hunt for new audiobook listeners? Let data lead the way

Niclas Sandin shares the latest data from BookBeat to answer two crucial questions for the UK audiobook market: who are the potential new listeners, and... Read more

Unbuilding Frankenstein: designing publishing platforms for an automated, AI-driven future

“If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear!” - Frankenstein , Mary Shelley, 1818 This month marks the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s famous... Read more

Anti-bullying and LGBTQ: what Wattpad’s data tells us about what readers want now

Ashleigh Gardner of Wattpad examines the trends they've seen on the platform in the past year - and what it means for readers, writers and... Read more

Readwise makes your e-book highlights and notes work harder

The founders of new Silicon Valley startup, Readwise, want help non-fiction e-book readers "read better, read more, and forget less". Read more

Data and disruption in publishing: knowing your nodes

On December 1st I'll be hosting a panel at the Futurebook conference in London on the subject of using data to 'capture and keep readers.'... Read more

Why the paperback fought back... and what's next in digital marketing

Paperbacks aren't broke, so they don't need fixing - but publishers still have a lot to learn from digital-first entertainment networks like Netflix Read more

Is your ebook Big Brother? A #FutureChat recap

'To better understand their audience' The other day, during a conversation about "hard DRM" and "digital watermarking," someone said that digital watermarking felt like a... Read more

Nathan Hull: Ebook subscription data is 'incredibly rich'

Editor's Note: Nathan Hull's move in December from his role as digital director with Penguin Random House to chief business development director with Denmark's Mofibo... Read more

#FutureChat recap: Torchin' for books data

Nobody came forward to say we have too much books data. The fact that we cannot see the size and shape of the publishing industry... Read more

Pulp fiction

Is the paperback format pulped? Last year, the value of sales in the format dipped below £1 billion for the first time in a decade... Read more

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