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5 things inspiring Bookouture's Keshini Naidoo right now

Keshini Naidoo, associate publisher at Bookouture, shares five things inspiring her to think and work differently right now. Read more

7 things you definitely shouldn't do when crowdfunding a book

Dan Dalton recently crowdfunded his debut novel in nine days. Here's what he learned. Read more

Publishing as activism

Right now, publishing matters. Of course, publishing has always mattered, but in the recent past it has been all too easy - whether you're an... Read more

Meet Inkshares, the "studio for books" hoping to conquer London Book Fair

The c.e.o. of Inkshares, a California-based startup that "bridges the gap between traditional and self publishing," shares his LBF experience. Read more

'Book-mapping' the Sands: Can Unbound crowdfund a Riddle?

"We'd like to take a book out on an adventure." And "book-map" it. To that end, Tim Wright (pictured below, right) and Lloyd Shepherd are... Read more

#FutureChat recap: Crowdfunding's crowded fund of opinion

'A writer's work has value and should be paid for' As our #FutureChat recap comes to the ether, my Bookseller colleague Philip Jones, in Cornerstone... Read more

'New ideas, big and small': Kickstarter issues its annual greeting card

'Three years ago Rebecca's project got a pledge from Scott. This year they got married.' That's from Kickstarter's look-back in handkerchieves at 2014. My associate... Read more

The limits of crowd-funding (An experiment part 1)

One of our authors has, over two Kickstarter campaigns, raised well over £100,000 and has established, from nothing, a business with a turnover in excess... Read more

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