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FutureBook ho!

In programming this year’s FutureBook Conference (4th December), I’ve had the privilege of discussing publishing’s digital future with numerous people from across the sector. The... Read more

FutureBook 2015: Travelling further together

FutureBook 2015 will be spectacular. Trust me. From digital achievers to book tech, the emphasis this year has been all about what is working, and... Read more

Introducing The FutureBook's Author Day 2015

The problems and the promise: Authority As The Bookseller's c.e.o. and publisher Nigel Roby is saying this evening at our launch event in London, The... Read more

Introducing The FutureBook’s BookTech Showcase 2015

Let’s get this clear from the off: technology is not the answer. At least, not always. And certainly not by itself. (The question, inevitably, is... Read more

From Boston's #Muse15: Whatever happened to 'author-ity'?

This story was written as a walkup to Friday's (1 May) #FutureChat live discussion on Twitter. Join us Fridays for a round of good conversation... Read more

IfBookThen in Milan: Soaring past 'book' to 'then'

"It was easy to wonder where was the book in IfBookThen," as Lucio Braganolo writes at ApogeOnline . And that was precisely the point, the... Read more

Contributors and conferences: The sun never sets on The FutureBook

You see conferences -- conferencing -- in many ways now. In many places. Or in no places. Such is digital publishing. Such is digital everything... Read more

FutureBook 2013 - Call for papers

The Bookseller's FutureBook 2013 conference will be taking place on 21st November in London. Read more

“TOC was a great ride…”

With those words Tim O’Reilly CEO of O'Reilly Media brought the curtain down on seven years of Tools of Change with the shock announcement of... Read more

The Future, Again

The FutureBook Conference had an air of possibility about it. That's the best way I can sum it up. In a way which it definitely... Read more

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