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Look to China if you want to disrupt the way we sell books

From the dominance of WeChat to the growth of staffless bookstores, China offers an intriguing set of provocations – and possibilities – to book professionals elsewhere. Read more

China's children's market: 'Internet plus'

"Kai Storytelling has had over 100 million plays, and it can sell as many as 8,000 books in five hours" writes The Bookseller's Benedicte Page... Read more

New Trajectory partnerships include PanMac UK ebook distribution to China

'A relationship with new English language readers' As the 22nd Beijing International Book Fair convenes , Boston-based Trajectory has announced a suite of new partnerships,... Read more

Global dreams, local challenges: BEA to open amid transition

Amazon's shadow, BookCon's boost, IDPF's confab, Chinese Trajectory, scalding-hot Scalzi: Must be BEA Just in time to chill the rising heat of late-May New York:... Read more

PA's Emma House reports from Shanghai on digital publishing in China

The digital publishing industry in China is, like the rest of the world still in its infancy.Whilst the Chinese government official statistics claim that for... Read more

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Is Social Media a Fad? or the Biggest Shift Since the Industrial Revolution....

Social Networking has become explosive! These stats detail how quick the adoption of new media is, check out how long it has take each type... Read more

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