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New podcast Story Shed aims to give bedtime stories a boost

Created by a primary school teacher and father of three, this new podcast hopes to make bedtime stories a habit again - for everyone. Read more

What happens when a prop-maker and CGI expert decide to make books?

This Hertford-based startup puts "stories in motion" using CGI... and crafting. Read more

"Authors, as role models, can be transformative": Pop Up Projects on engaging kids with books

Pop Up Projects is a social enterprise that works with educational, literary and cultural organisations to empower families from all walks of life to read... Read more

"I continue to dream about 99p books for children, in supermarkets"

Dr Ger Graus OBE is the first Global Director of Education at KidZania, where children aged 4 to14 can experience the world of work through... Read more

Personalised kids' books are nothing new - but the diversity in Family Stories is

Family Stories is another contender in the personlised kids' book market. The difference? This one's focused on diversity. Read more

Augmented reality books need to become more than a gimmick

Immersive technologies are on the rise, but what will it take for AR books to become mainstream? Read more

Startup of the week: My Kingdom Books

Launched just last month, "the world's first augmented reality personalised children's book" has already secured global retail partnerships. Read more

Startup of the week: One Third Stories

Two old school friends want to "revolutionise the way we learn languages in the English-speaking world and beyond" - and they're starting with children's books. Read more

#FutureChat recap: Women in publishing -- and reading

Coming in #FutureChat on Friday (27th February): Imprints -- relics of the print past or potential assets in digital times? Join us each Friday for... Read more

Tom Bonnick: Boys, left to their own devices

Editor's Note: Friday's (20th February) #FutureChat will feature, in part, renewed questions about how much appropriate reading material is produced for boys. A spur to... Read more

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