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Digital-first Canelo opens a literary fiction survey

Simon Collinson is a man who loves surveys. When last we heard from him , he was working on a survey of small publishers' data... Read more

At Frankfurt: Can books find true fans?

Fanning the flames When asking Pan Macmillan's Naomi Bacon to join us at Frankfurt Book Fair's Business Club for a discussion of "hardcore fandom" and... Read more

Enhanced ebooks and steel filing cabinets: A #FutureChat recap

Funny how #FutureChat can change your mind. Camille LaGuire, whose beret-ed avatar is familiar to many of us in our weekly discussion from The Bookseller... Read more

Let the right edition in

The release of Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watchman provides another moment to reflect on the developing e-book market and how it mixes with the... Read more

Canelo makes its move: A launch-day Q&A

A tweet from @Canelo_Co this morning (13th July): "So much interest in the website today we're having to upgrade the server!" It's the Canelic Arrival... Read more

Michael Bhaskar: Imprints, formats, and people

Editor's note: Canelo's Michael Bhaskar spoke with The Bookseller's Philip Jones for Jones' FutureBook essay, The imprint of meaningful things , and then joined us... Read more

Could imprints get publishers' readers in a row?

This story was originally written for our live #FutureChat on 27th February. Join us each Friday for #FutureChat with The FutureBook digital community at 4... Read more

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