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Has Spanish startup BTwinBooks finally cracked book bundling?

Many have tried bundling physical books with their digital content - and many have failed. Will BTwinBooks's IoT technology triumph? Read more

BitLit has data you thought you'd lost -- on its 'shelfies'

"They really are the Big Five . They're not just saying that. They really are." Peter Hudson cracks up as he says this. He's the... Read more

BitLit announces HarperCollins ebook bundling pilot programme

In a potentially major gain for the ebook-bundling concept, BitLit today is announcing its first deal with a Big Five publisher. HarperCollins (US) has entered... Read more

Two and a half thoughts on Amazon's Matchbook

Amazon's announcement on Tuesday of its new Matchbook offer, allowing customers to buy discounted digital versions of print books they’d previously bought from the retailer,... Read more

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Amazon’s AutoRip service is simple. You buy a CD, you automatically get a digital file of the same content. (A similar logic applies in DVD... Read more

Why Bundling Is Good

There's been some discussion about bundling ebooks and print editions recently - because lots of us have been talking about it in connection with the... Read more

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