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Book tech: Time to step up

"I’m calling for more women to start up and step up next year." Bec Evans, co-founder with Chris Smith of Write-Track and head of innovation... Read more

The #FutureBook15 #BookTech Showcase: A 'richness of ideas'

"Pretty great, right?" You have to forgive us for our pride in this year's inaugural BookTech Showcase and FutureBook Award . When your Gold Award... Read more

BookTech Award Showcase: Write-Track

“Running a startup is much like writing,” Write-Track's Chris Smith says to Molly Flatt. In her final article of eight profiling our new FutureBook 2015... Read more

BookTech Award Showcase: Together Tales

“The stories in your mind are infinitely better than one that tries to place every pixel," Evan Jones of Together Tales says to Molly Flatt... Read more

Which #BookTech player is your favourite?

Conference update : Publishers and writers, we expect to close Author Day bookings Monday (23rd November). Hurry to secure one of our last seats for... Read more

BookTech Award Showcase: Gojimo

“Don't necessarily count on existing publishers to supply your content," George Burgess says to Molly Flatt in this edition of her FutureBook 2015 Book Tech... Read more

BookTech Awards Showcase: ooovre

“We definitely want to support local bookshops, we all love what they do," John Bennett tells Molly Flatt, in this installment of her series on... Read more

BookTech Awards Showcase: The Owl Field

"When listening, you truly feel as though you are physically in the room where the recording took place." Montreal-born Michel Lafrance tells Molly Flatt about... Read more

BookTech Showcase: Reedsy

"The name is meant to refer to reeds," not reading, according to Reedsy's chief operating officer Ricardo Fayet. We interviewed him a bit over a... Read more

BookTech Showcase: Shulph

Publishers "need to start representing themselves to the world in a way that protects their heritage yet speaks a modern visual language." So says Shulph... Read more

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