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'Public solitude': Writing, offline and on

Here be 'unprofessionals' "Writing offline" seems almost an odd phrase today. You'll find it—online—in Words Unwired , a commentary by Lorin Stein in the New... Read more

Are book prices behind the times?: A #FutureChat recap

Not that it's a new topic. "Half of all book buyers expect to pay less for ebooks," The Bookseller reported in March 2011. And as... Read more

Data-Dancing: How big is self-publishing?

'Shock and awe.' I'm here with the same question asked by my colleague, Bookseller editor Philip Jones in his companion piece to this one: How... Read more

Candide Kirk: Publishing's clues from video games

Editor's Note: As the digital dynamic brings books closer to other entertainment media -- and requires it to distinguish itself rather than lose ground to... Read more

Independent Author Previews and a "tide turning": #FutureChat recap

The Bookseller's announcement that it will begin next month previewing self-published work from the Nook Press platform prompted our #FutureChat focus on efforts to "open... Read more

A chuffed market's Children's Conference: #PorterMeets Charlotte Eyre

If you walked into publishing right now and stopped one of us to ask, "What's the healthiest, happiest part of the business to get into?"... Read more

WhereWereYouThen.com: Mining the memories of Ken Follett's readers

Do you remember the fall of the Berlin Wall? The inauguration of President Obama? The assassination of JFK? Read more

A dim view of missing books data

Got a light? ... Just as The Bookseller's Philip Jones was aptly saying that the publishing industry is "looking at its Read more

#FutureChat recap: Applauding gaps in 'retail stonewalling'

What might have been an hour or so of complaint and commiseration became -- in the tweeting hands of The FutureBook community -- something more... Read more

'Retail stonewalling' and Amazon sightings in bookstores

Oil and water. ..The general pattern, of course, has been simple: many bookshops, objecting to Amazon's effects on the industry, have declined to carry books... Read more

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