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5 things inspiring Bonnier Publishing c.e.o. Richard Johnson right now

Richard Johnson has led the transformation of Bonnier Publishing for the last seven years, growing revenue from £45m to £128m. He joined the company with... Read more

To what degree does publishing need university people?

'The best people no longer go into publishing' It's my colleague Philip Jones at The Bookseller who reminds us today in his leader piece, The... Read more

The businesses of books

From personalised cookbooks to co-publishing, the London Book Fair last week was awash with companies talking about their latest innovations. Many of these were reported... Read more

'Retail stonewalling' and Amazon sightings in bookstores

Oil and water. ..The general pattern, of course, has been simple: many bookshops, objecting to Amazon's effects on the industry, have declined to carry books... Read more

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