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Turn up the volume

In one of my first Frankfurt Book Fairs, I remember my news editor asking me to head to Hall 4 and “find out what the... Read more

The FutureBook Innovation Awards are open for business

Join us Friday, 12th September, when the deadline for the 2014 FutureBook Innovation Awards prompts our #FutureChat topic of the week. Live on Twitter, at... Read more

Pulp fiction

Is the paperback format pulped? Last year, the value of sales in the format dipped below £1 billion for the first time in a decade... Read more

Blogs now more influential than journalists

If you watched the coverage of London Fashion Week yesterday on SKY News, you will have witnessed the tipping point for that industry as an... Read more

No blog is an island

Going through the process of turning over 750 blog posts on GAMESbrief into three volumes of edited thoughts has taught me a lot about the... Read more

How Expanding Online Grew Our Overseas Sales By Over 200%

We've just had month four since our 'online expansion', and overseas paperback sales were over 200% up on last year. Now that we are confident... Read more

Book blogger and reviewer listing.

The book industry is becoming increasingly aware that engaging with a passionate group of book-loving bloggers and reviewers is an integral part of a successful... Read more

Profile: Shane Rae, Digital Publishing Manager for Macmillan

I am pulling together profile pieces from digital publishing professionals. If you would like to be involved, please email me at sam.missingham@bookseller.co.uk . This is... Read more

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