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How BookTech winner Kadaxis is bringing better data to books

Chris Sim from Kadaxis, which won our BookTech Award last year, shares the challenges his team face and lessons they learn as their big data... Read more

The future is digital book discovery, not distracting gimmicks

Roger Warner thinks publishers should focus their digital innovation efforts on activities that support the core act of reading, not distracting tech. Read more

How big data won BookTech

"What they do may not be the most glamorous digital service, but it is one that is much needed." Meet Kadaxis, winner of the 2016... Read more

What Google did next - and why publishers need to watch out

With Google increasing its dominion across arts and culture content, publishers would be foolish not to consolidate their digital strategies Read more

Artificial intelligence and the art of reader-driven publishing

AI is reaching a tipping point in the industry - but not in the way you might think. Read more

Startup of the week: Tekstum

Sure, your book might get lots of likes - but what do the people behind the likes actually feel? This Spanish startup's new tool promises... Read more

Startup of the week: Intellogo

Tech and publishing veteran Neil Balthaser is harnessing machine learning in his mission to exploit the rich data hidden inside billions of books. Read more

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