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Who owns digital stories?

Guy Gadney, c.e.o. of Charisma.ai, shares an abridged version of his keynote speech delivered at the MIX Conference 2019, addressing the increasing convergence between creative... Read more

The authors' contract battle goes global

2016: Crunch time for publishing, its writers and their readers Dated today, 5th January, the Authors Guild's open letter to the Association of American Publishers... Read more

Your survey of surveys

'Perspective on the Book Business' Is there any industry so feverishly bent on surveying itself as publishing? This week, my colleague Philip Jones at The... Read more

Can authors compete with 'non-competes'?

'An unacceptable restriction on authors’ livelihoods' No publisher would agree, at an author’s request, to forgo publishing another author’s book on a particular subject. So... Read more

When rights go wrong: A #FutureChat recap

Post-Chatterie Following our #FutureChat on Is 'out of print' running out of time? , a couple of additional communications arrived, each worth note. From an... Read more

Is 'out of print' running out of time?

Never being 'out of print' is not good news You can't self-publish. Because you can't get your rights back. And your book is nowhere to... Read more

#FutureChat recap: Authors' contracts and controversies

Authors approaching accord Two venerable author advocate groups, the UK’s Society of Authors and the Authors Guild in the USA, have recently stepped into the... Read more

Will author contract reform succeed this time?

'Can you hear me now?' A not-so-funny television commercial a while back gave us that line with maddening repetition as we watched a hapless mobile... Read more

What's 'fairness' got to do with publishing?

We seem to encounter 'fairness' questions in publishing at every turn these days. Three weeks ago, our #FutureChat focus was on questions of an "unfair"... Read more

Authors making $8,000 per year? Why write free? A #FutureChat recap

'Question is, are you making money for someone else?' That's the historical fiction author Jane Steen , English, based in Chicago, during our live Twitter... Read more

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