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What is the point of an augmented reality app for a book?

Earlier this year, author Jay Jay Burridge and publisher Bonnier Zaffre published the first story set in the world of Supersaurs. Imagine a world where... Read more

Stop, collaborate and listen: how StoryTourist is accelerating towards success

StoryTourist, one of the five finalists in our 2016 BookTech Awards, share their journey from raw publishing startup to sustainable business. Read more

Project of the week: Bookstore AR

British technology studio Big Motive's latest project aims to convince a whole new generation of the magic of bookshops. Read more

Augmenting the cloud

I finally did it; wrote a book. Better yet I got it published. After 44 years, 9 months and 28 days on this planet I... Read more

Case Study: Lonely Planet's augmented reality guides

Kelly Brough, Global Director of Digital at Lonely Planet talks us through their augmented reality Compass Guides: Lonely Planet has a long history of helping... Read more

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