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Boom time?

In the first of three commentaries on the audiobook sector in the run-up to FutureBook Live, Dominic White of W F Howes looks at the... Read more

How to be a good audiobook narrator

Audio is indisputably the pubishing buzzword of 2018. There's plenty written about new production techniques - binaural recording that can create a 3D immersive experience,... Read more

Entale helps publishers ride the audio wave with smart new software

Entale's formidable team wants to create "a rich, enhanced listening experience" for both audiobooks and podcasts. Read more

On the hunt for new audiobook listeners? Let data lead the way

Niclas Sandin shares the latest data from BookBeat to answer two crucial questions for the UK audiobook market: who are the potential new listeners, and... Read more

The great audiobook mystery

An absence of full-market data prohibits an exhaustive audio analysis, but some format vagaries are impossible to ignore, says Kiera O’Brien. Read more

'When it comes to marketing audiobooks, more is more'

FutureBook 2017 speaker Jen McMenemy, of Orion, discusses the power of podcasts, inventive serialisation, and why when it comes to audiobooks, more is sometimes... more. Read more

Writing for audio is a unique art form

Following the launch of Audible’s New Writing Grant, bestselling crime writer and narrator Mark Billingham muses on the crucial differences of writing for audio. Read more

How to make great audiobooks

How do you make a good audiobook? Claire de Pourtalès and Chris Beer find out. Read more

Jim Hinks: Reader analytics as a self-editing tool

"I expect that many writers will find this unnerving...." Comma Press' Jim Hinks' new platform is going to show everyone where people stopped reading those... Read more

Faber's Griffiths on audio at FutureBook Hack: Listen for the consumer

“Who, exactly, are you going to inspire to buy audio?” “In 23 years, I’ve never heard anyone say, ‘Have you heard the new Zadie Smith?’”... Read more

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