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What is the point of an augmented reality app for a book?

Earlier this year, author Jay Jay Burridge and publisher Bonnier Zaffre published the first story set in the world of Supersaurs. Imagine a world where... Read more

Curiscope's Ed Barton on the 'magical' potential of AR

AR and VR are big buzzwords in publishing at the moment. In some areas they seem destined to remain just that - buzzwords. But in... Read more

CleverBooks offers free augmented reality learning to schools

This Dublin-based startup hopes to take the current vogue for AR children's books and apply it to global edtech. Read more

Augmented reality books need to become more than a gimmick

Immersive technologies are on the rise, but what will it take for AR books to become mainstream? Read more

Publishers need to think about a 3D reader experience

Publishers looking at how to exploit virtual and augmented reality are facing a ‘Z-axis challenge’. Read more

Forget AR and VR - mixed reality is the next frontier for digital publishing

What emerging technology should publishers be exploring right now? Think AR on steroids. Read more

Stop, collaborate and listen: how StoryTourist is accelerating towards success

StoryTourist, one of the five finalists in our 2016 BookTech Awards, share their journey from raw publishing startup to sustainable business. Read more

Startup of the week: My Kingdom Books

Launched just last month, "the world's first augmented reality personalised children's book" has already secured global retail partnerships. Read more

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