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Stop, collaborate and listen: how StoryTourist is accelerating towards success

StoryTourist, one of the five finalists in our 2016 BookTech Awards, share their journey from raw publishing startup to sustainable business. Read more

Last Seen Online offers "a new genre" for the WhatsApp generation

Messaging platforms are now more popular than social networks - and a new real-time storytelling app is hoping to capitalise on the trend. Read more

Shine the light: Q&A with Neon Play's Oli Christie

Oli Christie, founder of one of the UK’s top mobile gaming companies, talks to Philip Jones about pricing, his company’s acquisition by Hachette and building... Read more

My tech life: Wyl Menmuir

Productivity app Write Track helped Cornish author Wyl Menmuir finish his Man Booker-longlisted novel The Many. So what other tech does he rely on in... Read more

Pokémon Go and the evolution of publishing treasure hunts

Before defining the future, it is worth placing Pokémon Go in context. Read more

"We did something ambitious, entirely new and hugely complicated": Orion on Belgravia

Following our piece by Edwin Smith 'What Julian Fellowes' Belgravia should have learned from Netflix', Belgravia's UK publishers Orion contacted FutureBook to give their side... Read more

Project of the week: iClassics

iClassics creates digital honey-traps to suck the next generation into our literary greats. Read more

Growth curve: Write Track

We hear about startups when they get an injection of funding, or when they launch, but what about all the hard work in between? Read more

The FutureBook Innovation Awards are open for business

Join us Friday, 12th September, when the deadline for the 2014 FutureBook Innovation Awards prompts our #FutureChat topic of the week. Live on Twitter, at... Read more

FutureBook Innovation Awards - open for entry

Excited to announce that the FutureBook Innovation awards are now open . Launched 3 years ago, the awards were the first of their kind to... Read more

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