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How iBooks Author is quietly winning the innovation game

Could Apple be stealing a quiet march on Amazon? Bradley Metrock, executive producer of the iBooks Author Conference, believes that the future of digital books... Read more

Content + curation + community = a new Apple Books

Mark Watkins argues that Apple is missing the boat on e-books. Read more

Touchpress at five

"A significant milestone in the marriage of text, photos and deep interactivity." Mac Slocum's interview from August 2010 with Theodore Gray is well worth revisiting... Read more

Publishing's Swiftian future

Publishing has a new question to ponder this week: what could Taylor Swift do for us? Swift's triumph: she got a tech giant to change... Read more

Taking Bets for 2014...

Six Book and Publishing Betting odds for 2014 I would take bets, but I’m not licensed, so it is just for fun Kindle dominance –... Read more

iOS 7: Doing it for the kids

One of the less remarked upon features of iOS 7, the new mobile operating system for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, has been the arrival—at... Read more

The DoJ looks to re-write the e-book marketplace

The Department of Justice's e-book price-fixing case took an a curious turn last week when the Department of Justice sought to re-write the settlement agreements... Read more

Book apps or ibooks?

A few facts to begin with: Apple’s App Store started in 2008 (at that time for iPhone 3GS and iPod) and since 2010 the App... Read more

Book industry: stop moaning and be creative | @tom_chalmers

There was much applauding following the Booksellers’ Association’s call for the government to support bookshops against the looming giant of Amazon, which followed the French... Read more

Kindle and Nook dominate as iMacPad dwindles

The 2014 results are in and Apple’s iMacPad has for the first time dropped out of the top three ebook devices globally. It was a... Read more

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