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Can publishing use a little mindfulness?

Not that anybody in publishing is tense When my colleague Miriam Robinson put together her programme for the upcoming Bookseller Marketing and Publicity Conference at... Read more

Provide eBook & audiobook content in preferred formats

Thanks to the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF) , the EPUB format for eBooks has become the widely accepted standard. On the audiobook side, Apple... Read more

This could be the first real iPad killer

At times, the term ‘iPad killer’ passes. I have also used it a few times. Not because I felt that a particular device really could... Read more

Case Study: Lonely Planet's augmented reality guides

Kelly Brough, Global Director of Digital at Lonely Planet talks us through their augmented reality Compass Guides: Lonely Planet has a long history of helping... Read more

The Big Bets - Which Tech is the Games Industry Backing?

I'll open this with a bit of a disclaimer - some meetings were had at Gamescom with my Walker hat on, the details of which... Read more

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