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Is your ebook Big Brother? A #FutureChat recap

'To better understand their audience' The other day, during a conversation about "hard DRM" and "digital watermarking," someone said that digital watermarking felt like a... Read more

Do you fear reader analytics?

Just a day before we got the news this week that Authonomy was to be closed by HarperCollins UK , London-based entrepreneur Andrew Rhomberg had... Read more

Andrew Rhomberg: Who's your Most Favoured?

The phrase "Most Favoured Nation" is almost dashing. It enters a conversation with a frisson of international trade-mission largesse. But as attorney Vivienne Robinson wrote... Read more

#FutureChat recap: Torchin' for books data

Nobody came forward to say we have too much books data. The fact that we cannot see the size and shape of the publishing industry... Read more

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