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Dr Barry Clayton and the strange world of Amazon book reviews

Dr Barry Clayton loves to review books on Amazon. In fact, he reviews so many books that he is, at the time of writing, the... Read more

Amazon is more dangerous than ever—and publishers need a plan

Amazon’s dubious ethical employment standards are nothing new. You know the ecommerce giant is unrivalled when it comes to logistics and infrastructure. And their unscrupulous... Read more

"This shift should inject pure fear into the veins of publishers": lessons from Netflix and co

A couple of weeks ago Jeff Norton spoke at FutureBook 2017 , as part of a panel exploring what publishers can learn from video on... Read more

5 things inspiring Bonnier Publishing c.e.o. Richard Johnson right now

Richard Johnson has led the transformation of Bonnier Publishing for the last seven years, growing revenue from £45m to £128m. He joined the company with... Read more

Data and disruption in publishing: knowing your nodes

On December 1st I'll be hosting a panel at the Futurebook conference in London on the subject of using data to 'capture and keep readers.'... Read more

Amazon looks for the heart in bookselling

Amazon's move into high street bookselling is a bold, adventurous and complex development, but not the misstep its decision to go into traditional publishing in... Read more

At Frankfurt: AmazonCrossing's new $10 million translation bid

Meet Sarah Jane Gunter today, Wednesday, 3 p.m. Frankfurt Book Fair In a move that answers a constant question both from independent authors and from... Read more

Diving for pearls: is it all over for bookflix?

It is a measure of how strange the e-book market is that in death Oyster may create more ripples in the digital market than it... Read more

A manifesto for a digital book platform

"The future of the book business will certainly be unveiled on a digital platform." Even as some believe that ebooks' progress has been staggered by... Read more

Matthias Matting: Surveying Germany's digital indie scene

Long understood as forming a third and growing market in self-publishing, German-language indie authors again will find programming at Frankfurt Book Fair in October, and... Read more

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