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Who owns digital stories?

Guy Gadney, c.e.o. of Charisma.ai, shares an abridged version of his keynote speech delivered at the MIX Conference 2019, addressing the increasing convergence between creative... Read more

Springer Nature hopes to spark an industry-wide AI debate with its first machine-generated chemistry book

From the new book by Adobe’s Chris Duffey to Edition at Play’s latest project We Kiss The Screens , it seems that using artificial intelligence... Read more

StoryFit offers AI insights to drive publishers’ decisions about books

This Austin-based tech company uses rich data to determine everything from optimal metadata to market fit. Read more

Adobe’s Chris Duffey on how AI can be used to ‘up-level’ books

Chris Duffey’s new book explores the possibilities of artificial intelligence for the future of humanity – with a twist. The head of strategic developments for... Read more

Don’t rage against the machine! How scholarly publishers can embrace AI

Recent predictions claim that AI will contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. From self-driving cars, personal assistants and chatbots taking on roles... Read more

Immersive technology: which publishers are investing and why

Plenty of publishers are talking about AR, VR, mixed reality and other immersive tech - but will they put their money where their mouths are? Read more

Unbuilding Frankenstein: designing publishing platforms for an automated, AI-driven future

“If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear!” - Frankenstein , Mary Shelley, 1818 This month marks the 200th anniversary of Mary Shelley’s famous... Read more

In 2018, publishers need to rethink the content churn

Exactly how publishers harness their wealth of content will be a big factor in exactly how happy their new year turns out to be. Read more

Paul Butcher of English Language iTutoring on harnessing the power of AI

Paul Butcher discusses that most fashionable of acronyms, AI - and how his Cambridge-based team are actually turning it into a useful tool for language... Read more

Data and disruption in publishing: knowing your nodes

On December 1st I'll be hosting a panel at the Futurebook conference in London on the subject of using data to 'capture and keep readers.'... Read more

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