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HarperCollins snaps up authorised biography of Indian business leader Tata

HarperCollins has snapped up the rights to the authorised biography of business leader Ratan Tata by Thomas Mathew. Read more

HarperCollins and Belton settle with Abramovich over Putin's People

HarperCollins and Catherine Belton have settled their dispute with Roman Abramovich over certain passages in Putin’s People (William Collins) about the reasons for the Russian billionaire's... Read more

William Collins lands manifesto on violence against women by barrister Johnson

William Collins has landed an "urgent manifesto on the endless tide of violence against women" by barrister Harriet Johnson. Read more

William Collins scoops 'major' new Andrew Marr book after BBC departure announcement

William Collins has scooped a "major" new political book by Andrew Marr following the announcement of his departure from the BBC. ... Read more

Russian oil giant Rosneft discontinues claim against Putin's People

Russian state oil company Rosneft is discontinuing its remaining claim against HarperCollins over comments made in Catherine Belton's book Putin's People (William Collins).... Read more

Abramovich claim in HarperCollins book defamatory, preliminary judgment finds

The claim Roman Abramovich purchased Chelsea FC on Vladimir Putin’s orders, as made in Catherine Belton's Book Putin's People (William Collins) is defamatory, a high court... Read more

William Collins scoops 'practical manifesto' for humanity

William Collins has scooped a "practical manifesto to equip humanity for a changing global landscape" from former diplomat Tom Fletcher. Read more

Sivasundaram wins £25k British Academy Prize for Global Cultural Understanding

Cambridge historian Sujit Sivasundaram's "truly powerful" book Waves Across the South: A New History of Revolution and Empire (William Collins) has won the £25,000 British Academy Book Prize... Read more

William Collins acquires new Tutankhamun history by Countess of Carnarvon

William Collins has acquired a new history by the Countess of Carnarvon, the chatelain of Highclere Castle, tracing her family’s involvement in the discovery of the tomb of... Read more

William Collins lands new history on the Interregnum by Keay

William Collins has landed a new history on the Interregnum period by Anna Keay, the director of the Landmark Trust, a charity which rescues buildings... Read more

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