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Birmingham to host its first poetry festival

Waterstones Birmingham will next month host the city’s first festival of poetry and spoken word. Read more

Business profile: Ian Owens, manager Waterstones Argyll Street

Felicity Wood talks to Ian Owens, the Bookseller Industry Award Manager of the Year, about transforming the Glasgow branch of Watersone's Read more

Chris Laister-Smith: The best of Brum

If there is anyone or anything to blame for Chris Laister-Smith's success as a bookseller, it's probably David Copperfield. Having decided that the original plan... Read more

Store profile: Waterstone's, Manchester's Arndale Centre

Wee take a look at Waterstone's in Manchester's Arndale Centre Read more

Waterstone's, Liverpool

Few British cities have as strong a sense of self-identity as Liverpool, and the Bold Street branch of Waterstone's holds a mirror to the city... Read more

Gerry Johnson: Man at the top

Gerry Johnson, newly appointed managing director of Waterstone's, talks to Neil Denny Read more

Oliver Ponsonby: Space to grow

Oliver Ponsonby, space-planning manager at Waterstone's, talks to Fiona Fraser Read more

Out on her Owen

Cheryl Owen, Waterstone's head of retail operations, talks to Fiona Fraser Read more

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