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Publishing at warp-speed

First-time author Peter Dunne on the speed of the publishing industry. Read more

'Imprints have an important role as trade brands'

The announcement of a new imprint might seem like another corporate PR exercise. Why bother when few - if any - readers buy a book... Read more

My Favorite Murder podcasters ink Trapeze deal

Trapeze has acquired UK rights to Stay Sexy and Don't Get Murdered, the debut book from American comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark.... Read more

'Emmerdale' saga series to be published by Trapeze

Trapeze has signed a deal with ITV to publish a series of official "Emmerdale" sagas. Read more

Trapeze wins single mother's 'powerful' memoir in five-way auction

Trapeze has won the rights to publish Stephanie Land's memoir Maid next January following a five-way auction. Read more

Trapeze signs 'ambitious' domestic thriller with Shakespearean twist

Trapeze has signed an "ambitious" domestic thriller with a Shakespearean twist that "rivals the best books in the genre". Read more

Trapeze acquires Loreau's guide to better list-making

Trapeze is publishing a guide to making better lists from the author of L’art de la Simplicite, Dominique Loreau.... Read more

Novel exploring 'polyamorous dating' to Trapeze

Trapeze has acquired a "bitingly sharp" novel about modern dating and polyamorous relationships by author, journalist and screenwriter Erin Reinelt. Read more

Sunday Times journalist's 'uplifting' debut to Trapeze

Trapeze has signed the debut novel of Sunday Times journalist Leaf Arbuthnot. Read more

Mostly Lit host edits 'agenda-setting' anthology

Trapeze is publishing an anthology of writing by and for black British men, about their voices, experiences and representation, edited by Mostly Lit podcast host Derek Owusu.... Read more

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