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Publishing at warp-speed

First-time author Peter Dunne on the speed of the publishing industry. Read more

'Imprints have an important role as trade brands'

The announcement of a new imprint might seem like another corporate PR exercise. Why bother when few - if any - readers buy a book... Read more

Publishers take on planet's 'plastic pandemic'

Two more publishers are wading into the market for books educating the public about plastic’s ruinous impact on the environment and what humanity can do to... Read more

Royal Wedding colouring book for Trapeze

Trapeze is publishing a Royal Wedding-themed colouring book from illustrator Adam Rushton. Read more

Single parent Jemma Wallace wins £10k 'one in four' competition

Single parent Jemma Wallace has secured a £10,000 publishing contract after winning Trapeze Books, Gingerbread and The Pool's "One in Four" competition. ... Read more

Sci-fi thriller Witness X to Trapeze

Trapeze has acquired Witness X, an "addictive page-turner" of a sci-fi thriller by S E Moorhead. ... Read more

Trapeze's 'Calling Major Tom' optioned for film

David M Barnett’s novel Calling Major Tom (Trapeze Books) has been optioned for film by London-based production company Vision3, an outfit known for its 3D filmmaking on projects such... Read more

Tale of woman who marries herself to Trapeze

Trapeze has signed Reader, I Married Me, a "twist on the traditional love story" which follows a woman who decides to marry herself.... Read more

Trapeze to publish DJ Target

Trapeze is publishing a book from DJ Target on the growth of grime, Grime Kids, charting its rise from subculture to international phenomenon.... Read more

Nikita Gill | 'There was so much anger inside me'

With an enormous social media following, the British-indian poet who uses instagram to share her work is poised to translate her popularity into print sales.... Read more

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