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Top Five: Superheroes

Author Dave Lowe chooses his favourite superheroes you can find in books. Read more

Top Five: YA Crime Novels

The author of new YA novel Vendetta, Catherine Doyle, talks us through her favourite YA crime novels. Read more

Top 5: Influential Medieval Women

Anne O'Brien, the author of The King's Sister, tells us about the women in medieval England who had the most influence.... Read more

Top 5: Gothic Novels

The curators of the new exhibition at the British Library, "The Gothic Imagination", tells us about their favourite gothic novels.  Read more

Top Five: Feminist Characters

Louisa Treger, author of The Lodger, tells us about her favourite feminist book characters.  Read more

How to Get the Most from your Smartphone Camera

The author of a guide guide to smartphone photography shares his top tips. Read more

Top Five: Historical YA Novels

The author of Lies We Tell Ourselves talks about her favourite historical fiction for teens. Read more

Top Five: Books to Make You Cry

Hannah Vincent, author of Alarm Girl , tells us about her favourite books to make you cry.  Read more

Top Five: Diary Books

Author Jeff Norton tells us his favourite stories told as diaries.  Read more

Top Five: Stephen King Books

My love affair with Stephen King started on my 11th birthday when I received a copy of The Dead Zone. Up until then I’d just... Read more

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