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'Heart-pounding' debut The Hunter to Headline

Headline has acquired a suspenseful and "stylishly slick" action-packed debut, The Hunter by Andrew Reid. Read more

Toby Jones joins Headline as editorial director

Toby Jones, formerly group marketing and publicity director at Simon & Schuster UK, is joining Headline's commercial fiction team next month as editorial director. ... Read more

Jones departs S&S triggering department restructure

Toby Jones has left his role as Simon & Schuster’s group marketing and publicity director after 18 months. Read more

Corbett leaves S&S after restructure

Simon & Schuster has restructured its marketing and publicity teams, with communications director Hannah Corbett leaving the publisher after 13 years. Read more

Toby Jones given senior role at S&S

Former Penguin communications manager Toby Jones has been hired as group marketing and publicity director by Simon & Schuster.  Jones, who left Penguin... Read more

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