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The academic epidemic

With the Booksellers Association’s Academic, Professional & Specialist conference on the horizon (11th–13th March), I wanted to take this opportunity to take stock of the... Read more

Textbook case

Oh dear, here we go again. Minister, backed by expert, wins over-excited headlines in right-of-centre newspapers alleging that British education publishers are producing below standard... Read more

Blackwell's survey finds print textbooks in favour

Eighty-two percent of lecturers see the physical textbook as an important resource for undergraduate students, while students show a strong preference for print textbooks over... Read more

One exam board 'good for publishers and bookshops'

The prospect of one exam board for all examinations in England could improve textbooks and be positive for high street booksellers, two educational publishers have... Read more

Textbook publishing will be hit if exam boards scrapped

Textbook publishing will be hit if exam boards are scrapped in the UK, an academic publishing consultant has warned. Graham Taylor, formerly of the Publishers... Read more

Academic booksellers frozen out by D2C

Academic publishers will put bookshops out of business if they continue to target universities and students with “aggressive” direct sales marketing, the chairman of the... Read more

Shanghai Maths textbooks from Collins

Collins Learning will publish a new a series of maths textbooks for use in UK schools, Shanghai Maths, based on the system used in China.... Read more

'More challenging' computer science GCSE from 2016

The government has published details on a “new, more challenging” GSCE in computer science, and content for more “rigorous and demanding” GCSEs in music, art... Read more

Publishers tussle with Gibb over textbooks

Schools reform minister Nick Gibb has told publishers that England has "once again" fallen behind in the production of world-class textbooks, saying that a ... Read more

'Neglect of textbooks' harming English education system

A new policy paper from the Cambridge Assessment Group has warned that the neglect of textbooks in our education system and publishing is one of... Read more

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