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Giant’s step

The news of Amazon’s changed tax arrangements, with UK sales no longer diverted to Luxembourg but booked through a UK office accountable to HMRC, feels... Read more

EU tax transparency to be forced on multinationals

US multinationals - including Amazon and Google - will be required to disclose their profits and tax in every country within which they operate in... Read more

Amazon's low tax payments 'unfair' says John Lewis boss

The boss of John Lewis has hit out at Amazon for not paying as much corporation tax as UK-based businesses, warning the practice could force... Read more

BA leads way in Amazon competition inquiry

The UK Booksellers Association has taken a lead role in pressing for a regulatory investigation into Amazon, The Bookseller can reveal. The association submitted a... Read more

Booksellers welcome Amazon tax change

Booksellers have welcomed the news that Amazon is to start booking sales made to customers in the UK through its UK branch instead of... Read more

Amazon ends UK sales diversion to Luxembourg

Amazon has started booking sales made to customers in the UK through the UK branch, instead of diverting sales through Luxembourg. The company’s new arrangements... Read more

EC white paper aims to level digital playing field

The European Commission has a grand plan to create a single market for digital content across all the member states of the EU, so it... Read more

France, Germany, Italy and Poland call for e-book VAT to be reduced

The French, German, Italian and Polish culture ministers today released a joint statement calling for the European Commission to propose immediately legislation to allow VAT... Read more

Google tax confirmed while Corporation Tax slashed to 20%

Companies like Amazon and Google which move their profits overseas  will be charged a “diverted profits tax” the Chancellor confirmed this afternoon (18th March). The... Read more

BA welcomes 'radical' business rates review

The Booksellers Association has welcomed the launch of a “radical” review of the business rates system in the UK. The government revealed today (16th March)... Read more

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