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A new equilibrium

The mass high street closures of the past 15 months have proved to have a major effect on what customers have bought and read, and... Read more

Nevertheless, they persisted

This week the Publishers Association released full-year sales numbers for 2020 showing that the invoiced value of UK publisher sales of books, journals and rights/coeditions... Read more

What do we actually know about British readers?

We have a vague idea, and a great deal of received wisdom, but, notoriously, we’ve found it challenging to answer some of the simplest questions.... Read more

Backlist sales surge in lockdown as shop closures hinder discoverability of debuts

BookScan data shows backlist sales soared in the pandemic, with new voices struggling to make a mark in a lockdown landscape without physical bookshops.... Read more

International pandemic book trends discussed at ReBoot workshop

The resilience of the print market, digital library borrowing and the appetite for backlist titles during the pandemic were among topics discussed at the ReBoot Books Business and Reading workshop held... Read more

International markets showed mixed response to pandemic in 2020

While the pandemic sent shockwaves across the world’s publishing industry in 2020, some international markets reported strong performances with the US posting record-breaking sales while Australia... Read more

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